Example Completed Contracts and Projects

Independent Forest Audits -

Evaluate compliance with Crown Forest Sustainability Act and forest management planning process on several forest management units across Ontario, for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Futures Trust Committee.  Borealis has participated on over 30 Independent Forest Audits since 1998.  Most recent work was completed in 2016, where staff participated on the audits of the Mazinaw-Lanark Forest and Timiskaming  Forest.

Wood Supply Study

Borealis Forestry & GIS Services was retained to examine potential wood supply within an area of Northern Ontario within economically viable distance of a major forest products facility. 

The study consisted of two parts: (1) an examination of potential supply from Crown sources, and (2) examination of potential supply from private sources. The Crown land component involved researching the historical wood flow of aspen and white birch volumes for 24 Sustainable Forest Licence (SFL) areas, largely located in Northeastern Ontario. Private land sources may be expected to play an increased role in supply in the future, thus the potential from significant private holdings in Northeastern Ontario were also assessed.

GeoSmart Project

Borealis data capture

i)Capture spatial and attribute data for tourism and administration features as identified by the client for Wawa, Hornepayne, White River and Dubreuilville. Possible features include Address, Official Plan information, Zoning information, Tourist sites or other features as assigned. Features will be captured on screen with orthophotography in the background.

ii)Enter all metadata for tourism and administration features captured for Wawa, Hornepayne, White River and Dubreuilville

Wood Supply Independent Evaluation - Longlac Wood Industries

Borealis provided analytical support for the independent review of Longlac Wood Industries' proposed wood supply analysis, which was submitted to OMNR in support of the Company's plans to construct an oriented strandboard facility in the community of Greenstone (Geraldton), Ontario.  This report was submitted by BearingPoint, Inc. in 2005 and is available here.

Environmental Assessment - Umbatta Falls

Jack Pine Flower Induction and Controlled Cross-Pollenation

Forest Management Planning – 

Assist with the completion of the 2001-2021 Forest Management Plan for the Superior Forest under contract with Weyerhaeuser Canada.  Tasks included assisting with the analysis of management alternatives, preparing various sections of the plan, reviewing and revising plan text and tables, and organizing delivery of the final plan to the OMNR.

Preparation of the draft 2000-2020 Forest Management Plan for the former Wawa Forest Sustainable Forest License (SFL) on behalf of Clergue Forest Management Inc., including chairing a multi-disciplinary planning team to develop the plan.  Participated in all components of the planning process, such as operational planning, AOC planning, public consultation, native consultation, wood supply analysis, and GIS mapping.

Innovation Centre Geological Map Digitizing - Raster-to-vector conversion of Ontario Geological Survey surficial geology maps covering all of Southern Ontario.  Project was completed under contract with the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.  Vector layers, including geological units (polygons), moraine boundaries (polygons)and linear features (line) were generated using raster-to-vector conversion software, then exported, cleaned, and built in ArcView 3.2, using third-party extensions. 

 Vectorizing geological maps.                                   Cleaning and building of maps in ArcView.

                    (click on images for a detailed view of our workmanship)

Detailed Forest Inventory- Conducted a forest inventory which focussed primarily on producing highly-accurate estimates of softwood volumes on two of Tembec Forest Products' Sustainable Forest Licences (SFL's) in Northern Ontario.  The inventory covered over 65,000 hectares and was undertaken in collaboration with Services Forestier Intervact, a consulting firm based in Quebec.  Sample plots were located on 1:20,000 aerial photos and later visited by field crews that collected detailed attribute information at each plot location.  New volume tables were constructed and forest cover species were intricately interpreted on the aerial photos.  Polygon resolution was as small as 1 hectare.  The resulting new forest stand maps were scanned, georeferenced, then digitially transfered using raster-to-vector software, followed by cleaning, editing, and building in ArcView.  The resulting shapefiles were joined to a volumetric database. 

Vectorizing the draft forest stand map.  Cleaned  polygons (stands)  in ArcView.

               (click on images for a detailed view of our workmanship)

Sample Scaling – Collection of timber volume and cull data at various forest products processing plants in the Wawa/Chapleau and Hearst areas for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in their effort to update species volume tables and mass scale conversion ratios (2000-01, 2001-02, and 2004-05 seasons).

Forest Operations Monitoring and Reporting – Compilation of depletion mapping, including photo-interpretation, for annual reporting purposes for the Wawa Forest SFL.  Completion of report forms as required by the Forest Management Planning Manual for Ontario’s Crown Forests. 

GPS location of harvest block boundaries and road construction - Harvest block boundaries and centre-line location for a primary road were successfully established using gps technology.

Timber evaluations - Design and conduct survey of timber scheduled to be harvested to accommodate expansion of hydro electrical reservoirs on the Michipicoten River near Wawa, Ontario.  This work included submission of an timber evaluation report, which was incorporated in the environmental assessment document prepared by Acres & Associated Environmental Ltd.

Strategic Forest Management Model (SFMM) Analysis - Prepared and analyzed input data and growth and yield parameters as part of wood supply analysis that was conducted for the former Wawa Crown Management Unit.

Tree Planting Assessment and Audit - Design and implement assessment survey on a 1.1 million tree planting contract for Clergue Forest Management Inc. (Wawa Forest).  Provided technical direction to the tree-planting contractor, as well as mapping services and production of a project report.

Ongoing Research & Development - Our staff are always developing new methodologies and cost-effective techniques for capturing, transforming, processing, and presenting resource information. We continue to experiment with innovative approaches in this realm, making sophisticated technologies more accessible and affordable to the field practitioner. 


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